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Indigo Orb presents the award winning Episure AutoDetect Loss of Resistance syringe which provides an objective, visual confirmation of Loss of Resistance (LOR) as opposed to the subjective “feel” required with standard LOR syringes. The Episure syringe is available as a single use unit and in a variety of epidural trays. Custom epidural trays are also available upon request.

Episure AutoDetect LOR Syringe

Episure Autodetect LOR Syringe

The Episure AutoDetect is a spring-loaded, automatic loss of resistance (LOR) syringe.

Episure Minipack Trays

Episure Minipack Trays

Indigo Orb offers a line of minipack trays that are sold outside of the United States. We currently offer our Episure Minipack in three Tuohy needle gauge sizes as well as a Combined Spinal Epidural (CSE) minipack. All of our minipack trays include our award-winning Episure AutoDetect Loss of Resistance syringe.