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Indigo Orb was built on the foundation of providing innovative, premium medical devices to improve patient care throughout the world. From epidural syringes to pain management trays, everything we manufacture is designed to meet the critical needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Company Information

Indigo Orb is a technology-driven company that provides premium, innovative medical devices that improve patient safety and efficiencies while decreasing the overall cost of providing patient care. Our team has extensive experience in the medical device industry and we offer quality, premium products at non-premium prices.

Indigo Orb Cares

Indigo Orb is dedicated to providing quality patient care to all facilities and people worldwide. Working in partnership with organizations as well as individuals, Indigo Orb strives to improve medical care through generous sponsorships, donations and medical supplies. Indigo Orb hopes to contribute to a better quality of life for people inflicted by devastation, poverty and civil unrest throughout the world.